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Question: I am coming to live in Spain and I love dogs. Are cities in Spain dog friendly?

Reply: I’m glad you asked me that question. I was a dog owner here for many years so I know the pros and cons of having a dog in Spain. 

Spanish cities are not known for their open spaces and green areas. 

Most likely you will be living in an area that is very urban with no major parks nearby. 

That means that your dog will not get the exercise it needs to live a happy and healthy life. 

The good news is that in dogs are now allowed to travel on most of Spain’s Metro systems so you will be able to take your pet to a large park to stretch its legs. 

In Madrid, most of the biggest parks are found on the edges of the city. This is similar in other cities as well. 

Another option is live in a small city or town in the surrounding areas. These places are more dog-friendly and your pet will thank you for it. 

Having a dog in the centre of a city like Madrid is, in my opinion, a bad idea. 

Not only is there a lack of open spaces but flat sizes are usually small also. 

You dog will be stuck inside all day while you are off at work. And you will be met by a ‘no dogs allowed’ sign at 95% of all business too. 

But don’t let me put you off getting a canine companion in your life. I’m sure you will be a responsible owner who’s will to make the necessary sacrifices that come with owning a dog. 

There are 1000s of abandoned dogs looking for homes in Spain, so by taking on one of these animals you will be helping to fix the problem. 

That’s what I did and I had a 14-year relationship with a great and loyal companion. 


UPDATE: In 2023 Spain passed a new animal welfare law with some important changes for dog owners in Spain.


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