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Speed Cameras in Spain

speed cameras in spain

No one wants a speeding ticket when driving in a foreign country. Spanish highways and motorways are full of speed cameras and many drivers have had the unpleasant experience of having to fork out hundreds of euros after being fined by Spain’s traffic directorate the DGT. 

Below you will find a list of where speed cameras are located in Spain.  

Basically, there are three types of speed cameras in Spain: fixed, mobiles and section control. 

Fixed speed cameras, as the name suggests, are in a fixed position and never move. Drivers are often warned of the presence of these cameras shortly before arriving at the position of the camera, so there is no excuse if you get caught. 

Mobile radars are located inside a Guardia Civil car, either camouflaged or on a tripod next to the road, in any case it must always be operated by an agent. They work both when the vehicle is moving and when it is stationary, making them difficult to locate.

section speed camera monitors the average speed of vehicles between two points, which means that drivers must maintain a speed similar to or lower than the maximum permitted speed during this stretch.

Speed cameras work in the following way:

The first panel has one camera per lane that operates with laser-led illumination (imperceptible to the human eye).

The camera records the number plate and the time at which each vehicle passes (the equipment is synchronised by GPS satellites).

Once the car has travelled the distance, which is normally between 3 and 5 km (although sometimes the distance is longer), a second panel captures the number plate again and the system then calculates the time it has taken the vehicle to travel that distance. The average speed is then checked.

Enjoy your driving trip in Spain and remember to be careful on Spanish roads. 


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